Our Memberships

The International society of Researchers and Professionals  welcomes academics, professionals, scholars, researchers, students, institutes and other academic organizations to be part and members of the society.

Registered under the society registration act, India, registration number 23778 of 2009

Individual Memberships

Individual Membership, also referred to as simply "Membership," grants access to a closed user group and all associated benefits through the Membership Program. Membership is granted to individuals based on their prior experience and professional profile.

Organizational Memberships

Organization Membership offers access to research products and services that support various sectors of life. This type of membership is well-suited for start-ups, research and innovation industries, and research labs around the world.

What We Have Here for You

You can Discuss your  Problem openly with our Mentors, they will provide you with solutions in an easy and friendly way. We also keep your information Confidently. 

Conference Meeting

We organize the Conference Meetings with Industry Experts that helps student in their Career.

Meet With Professionals

International society of Researchers and Professionals is a big community made with Professional Researchers and Scientists.

Career Guidance

We Guide Students to take right path in their career and helps them. To get a Brighter Future.

Premium Services

Discuss and understand your need in detail and satisfy your need by providing you correct guidance.

Live Interaction

In case you want to understand about the technology used behind your project a live interaction will be provided to solve your doubts.


We certify the hidden talent of the Professionals by taking a review with our expert committee.

Skill Assessment

We do the assessment of the skill you have and based on it we provide a grade and certificate and will also share with our peer network.

Journal Impact Factor

Based on the calculation and with proper calculation of citations we help the international journal s to calculate its impact factor.

Learning Tools

We provide results in the form of simulation and also tells the way to learn.

In case you want to take benefits of Learning and also want to do the internship under experienced industry professionals. You can join our  experienced team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of your Doubt will be clear in this section if you have further queries you  may contact Us

Newly elevated Fellows are announced shortly after the fourth quarter Board of Directors meeting, normally scheduled in late-November/mid-December.

The nominee must meet the following three basic qualifications: have accomplishments that have contributed importantly to the advancement or application of engineering, science, and technology, bringing the realization of significant value to society; hold Senior member or Life Senior member grade at the time the nomination is submitted; and have been a member in good standing and has completed a minimum of five full years (consecutive or not) of membership in any grade preceding 1 January of the year of elevation.

The Fellow Nomination Process is started with a nominator. He/she will need to log in with an Primary Web Account.

Once a nomination is submitted, the references and endorsements listed on the form will automatically be notified.

A reference is a required part of the nomination process as it cites specific evidence of the nominee’s special qualities and impact of the nominee’s contributions. An endorsement may strengthen a nomination but is not required.